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Trophies & Medals for our Juniors

On Sunday 10th March, our brilliant Juniors took on the rain at the Inter Borough Challenge & London Mini Marathon Trials at the Finsbury Park Athletics Track.

29 kids ran and many even came away with medals and trophies. Here's Zurrell's brilliant race report for an even closer look at the action:

"On Sunday 10th March, I enjoyed the Inter-borough competition race as a fan and runner despite the weather conditions.
As a fan, I really liked how Gus, Roca, Noah and the girls that participated ran on Sunday because all of them ran very well.
As a runner, I really found it helpful to race on Sunday with different children from different boroughs. The track was full of people there was all the chance to slip on the track and some runners did including myself.
Congratulations to the trophy winners!
Well done to everyone!


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