Our Training Sessions

QPH senior track sessions have been developed to be accessible to all levels and ages (16+).


Everyone does the same session, but we have found that arranging people into smaller training groups allows all runners to train with others working at a pace with which they are comfortable. This has been especially helpful to runners who may not be confident running on a track. If you are familiar with it, we ask for a best effort Parkrun / 5k time in order to gauge groups. However, don’t worry if you are not sure what might be, just get in touch and someone will help to find the right group for you.


All sessions start with a warm up and technical running drills. These are led by qualified coaches, assistant coaches and run leaders who will take the groups through drill movements such as fast feet, high knees, skips and lunges. We then gather for a few strides (running 60% - 80% of your own best effort, over a short distance, to get the legs turning over) and then the main session starts.


Rather than the traditional interval sessions based on running a certain distance, ours are based on time. (A session might be 8 x 3 minute efforts rather than 8 x 800m efforts). This allows all athletes, whatever their abilities or pace, to start and finish at the same time. No one is left running on their own to complete the session and equally, no one waits longer than prescribed to start the next effort. This has become the backbone of QPH training, meaning everyone has run for the same length of time, whatever their pace.

Coaches are available throughout the session if you have any questions, and we end with some strength and conditioning exercises.

Most people who start with QPH are new to track running so we are well equipped to help athletes of all levels of experience. Many members have become accomplished runners and proof that track training will help you complete your first 5k or your first Ultra and everything in between.