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The Running Out of Time Relay – Susan Kennedy

The Running Out of Time Relay is an annual climate relay that raises awareness,

inspires action and celebrates great climate campaigns.

It started on 6th June at Ben Nevis before undertaking an extraordinary 2,436km

journey to Big Ben in Parliament Square, London on July 4th. Comprising 210 stages

- and 80+ visits to climate and nature projects, sporting bodies and venues, schools,

events and iconic locations.

Eat your heart out Green Belt Relay!

I was inspired to join in on this last stage of the relay - by Sarah Power and

Anastasia Chew. Sarah had been involved before and as you may know Anastasia is

putting some Green into Green, sorry, Queen's Park Harriers with some ideas and

initiatives to keep our club a bit more sustainable.

Sadly on the night Anastasia was unable to join us but Sarah, Lucy Birrell, Fiona

Eagle and I met at London Bridge tube station and joined the group of runners

preparing to take over the baton near Tower Bridge. The baton had been on the go

since 7am that day - starting at Wembley Stadium in fact - taking 60+ km to get to

the final stage.

The team had run, walked, cycled, kayaked, climbed, wheeled, swam and surfed the

baton across Britain for 29 days to increase awareness, celebrate great climate work

and inspire action. A route that took them within easy reach of 20 million people and

visiting many, many schools!

There were teams from Vegan Runners, Good Gym, Carbon Copy and some smaller

groups - it would be brilliant to get a bigger posse of Hoops there for next year.

Talking of Green things - there will be another chance to donate kit at Dulwich - we

have a lot of tee shirts - would be great to get some caps, shorts, leggings or any

other merch lying dormant in your cupboards.


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