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SUMMER LEAGUE 2022 - John and Jean Walerych

This year, the Summer League was back to its original format with the added bonus of the sun shining at every race!

At the season's end we were able to announce that Queens Park Harriers have successfully wrestled the shield back from Ealing Eagles, but only by the smallest of margins - under 100 points!!

2022 has seen a significant increase in the number of Hoopsters, young and old, competing in the Summer League. 101 seniors took part in one or more events, with the numbers increasing to record highs for Regents Park, and then again for Battersea, where a record 62 Seniors turned out for the final event.

Not to be outdone we had 20 tenderfoot runners in one or more event and it was good to see more new faces this year (especially when needed at Battersea).

This competition brings together all ages and abilities at one event, and is also a good opportunity to meet other members of the club and EAT CAKE!

The relay supremo Sophie and her understudy Sam did a magnificent job in “persuading” people to delay eating and run in the relays. Again we had enthusiastic tenderfoot runners playing their part in our relays success.

Jean and I would like to thank you all for handing in your sweaty raffle tickets and making the event a great success for the club.

The shied, as well as individual medals, will be awarded at the first event of the 2023 season - see you there!


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