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Queens Park Harriers Sports Day 2022

QPH Sports Day 2022

The annual Queens Park Harriers Sports Day was a great success – thanks to everyone who ran, cheered and made it a brilliantly fun day! Before we began, everyone was split into teams - the RED team and the WHITE team. Each event counted towards the team total, with the podium, participation and overall team effort adding to the points total.

After each team had devised and sung their team anthem, the games began:

It was a hard fought battle through the QPH Mile, 400m, Long jump, Howler, 100m and the mixed relays.

As we neared the business end of the day and the points were totted up with only one event to go, something incredible became apparent... Team RED had 13,310 points, and team WHITE had, 13,310 points! It was all down to the final event... THE TUG OF WAR.

The Sports Day gods had spoken. A tie was announced and everyone went home happy, tired and a little sore.

More next year? See you there!


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