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My Mini Marathon Experience – Marissa McCarron

“On the morning of the mini marathon, the 20th of April, I was buzzing, with nerves and excitement. We went down really early and met the other team members at Willesden Green Station. I couldn't wait because I am usually the one who is dropping my dad off to meet his friends before the London Marathon, but today it was me! Amazingly, there were 36 runners representing Brent- which was a record for the event- so that made it all the more special..

When we arrived at the Horseguard’s Parade, we still had quite a long time until we were running. We all got our numbers on and started warming up. As the race grew nearer I started to get very nervous, but the warm-up helped to take my mind off it. We all entered our pens 15 minutes before the race started. The pens were getting crowded and everyone was doing their last minute stretches….

Soon we were called to the start line and this was when it really started to get real. The gunshot came. Everyone bolted off, trying to make sure to keep their pace. As I was running, I felt amazing, especially as I passed Buckingham Palace. There was a short bit of uphill where we really needed all that cheering time from all the spectators to keep us believing we could do it.

I was so happy to cross the line!- and even better was the fact that we finished in the same place that the actual London Marathon finishes! We all got a medal and I felt exhilarated and proud. The race was such a fantastic experience and I would definitely love the opportunity to do it again. A massive thank you to all the Team Leaders and coaches- who have helped us train, and came to support us during the day.”

Marissa McCarron, U13 Runner QPH


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