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Meet the Members: Louise Goldsmith

Q. Why did you decide to join QPH?

I joined QPH for a few reasons. I had seen the track sessions going on while waddling around King Edwards park during my pregnancy. I realised I had never even thought about how I run or my technique. I love being coached for other sports and seeing the improvement and so I decided to sign up once baby was out. By joining a club with regular sessions, I hoped it would become part of my weekly routine to get me moving again.

Also, I’ve lived in the area for a year and wanted to get to know more people locally, so joining the local running club that goes to the pub after training seemed like a good idea.

Q. Did you have any experience of running beforehand?

I’ve run regularly for the last 15 years, usually 3 times a week. The same distance, the same speed, always listening to Capital FM… it was getting a bit boring!

I’ve run 2 marathons and 15 half marathons, but never really known how to train for these, just plodded the streets by myself.

Q. What have you most enjoyed so far?

Joining QPH has been brilliant from the start. The track sessions are fun and completely inclusive. Before my first track session, I was quite nervous. I’ve never stood on a track before and had visions of being shouted at and being the slowest one there. Couldn’t have been further from the case. The sessions are run in a way that you aren’t compared with anyone else, only you know how hard or fast you're going which is great. The coaching tips and track sessions have already helped me run faster and stronger. I love the Sunday long runs too, so much nicer to run chatting to other people, the miles just pass you by. The sense of comradery when running at events has been brilliant too.

Q. Top tip for other new joiners?

Join! … Everyone’s so friendly, so just say hello and you’ll immediately be welcomed.


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