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Meet the members: Leanna Mailer

How long have you been a member of Queen’s Park Harriers?

About a year, but I knew a lot of members of the club beforehand through parkrun, as I am a Run Director at Gladstone parkrun. Everyone has been really welcoming, and being surrounded by lots of people who are totally and completely obsessed running is very inspirational. So much so that I have recently signed up to do my first marathon since 2005! (Richmond on 15 September 2019).

What's the best thing about running? I have always loved running, and have done it my whole life. Everything always seems better after a run, and I find that's when I have some of my best conversations. It is a cheap and effective way of keeping fit. I ran though both pregnancies, and it really helped me get back to fitness afterwards.

What's your favourite running event? I love half marathons, I have loads booked in this year! But really nothing compares to parkrun, I can't emphasise enough how much it has given me: a real sense of community in London, a bunch of wonderful friends I would never have met otherwise, and a huge support network. I am delighted that my children will grow up thinking it is perfectly normal to run 5k on a Saturday morning (and another 2k on a Sunday morning—see below).

What else do you do? I am a lawyer by qualification and now work in insurance. I am married to Greg, also a Harrier, we have two children. I also do Crossfit and yoga to counterbalance the running, and volunteer every Sunday at Queen's Park junior parkrun.

Tell us something surprising about yourself that other members may not know.

As a teenager I was crazy about cats, and set up and ran my own very successful cattery business.


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