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Meet the members: Jana Wolfova

How long have you been a member of Queen’s Park Harriers?

I joined in June 2018, not long after moving to London. I had never been a member of any running club before and now I know I should have done it earlier!

What's the best thing about running?

It is simple, can be done literally anywhere and it is as individualistic and as collective as you want it to be. 

What's your favourite running event?

Even though I generally prefer distances up to half-marathon, my favourite running event is Snowdonia Marathon. It is very scenic, not too busy, fantastic support along the way and it was my first marathon. Needless to say I signed up again this year.

What else do you do?

I just realised I have not done much else in 2019 apart from training for the Prague Marathon in May and working. I am qualified as a medical doctor and currently work in clinical research. I am fond of Norway and other Scandinavian countries, long trekking in the mountains and sauerkraut (as a true Slovakian).

Tell us something surprising about yourself that other members may not know. 

I can differentiate Haribo gummy bears flavours (with my eyes closed) with exceptionally high accuracy. 


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