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Juniors Cross Country Fixture 5: Brent Lodge- 2nd March 2024

This was the final Juniors XC race & brought a close to the 59th season of The North West London Young Athletes Cross Country League. 


The fixture, hosted by Ealing Eagles Running Club had the athletes running through some very challenging mud and pools of water as a result of the deluge of rain that fell early on Saturday morning on to ground already underwater.  At one point it looked like the river might burst its banks & turn it in to a swimming gala.


The Eagles rose to the challenge and with some last minute changes to the course the runners were skirted around the deepest of the ponds that had formed. 


This was a first ever cross-country event in the park and I think all enjoyed it even considering the atrocious conditions


A big shout out to Brian Fowler who at 88, has been running this event for the 59 years its been going.


Girls U11’s

Abigail Bronfentrinker: 22nd


Boys U11’s (Team 5th place)

Zurrell Quaye Murray: 12th

Noah Thornton: 19th

Nayan Chapman-Lees: 34th

Angus Baird: 35th 


Girls U13’s

Scarlet Brick: 19th

Honor Cook: 21st


Boys U13’s

Luke Thornton: 18th

Nathan Anderson: 19th

Arthur O’Shea: 26th


Boys U15’s (Team 4th place)

Nils Taylor: 10th

Adam Repuke: 14th

Richie Gaskill: 22nd


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