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Hampton Court Half & getting back to fitness - Susan Kennedy

A couple of weekends ago I decided to see if the awful fatigue after Covid had gone. I had Covid in October, very mildly, hardly noticed, and was fine straight after. This time in March it was still very mild, like a cold, not even a bad one. I had done a few good runs (for me!) Thanks to the Road Champs I had actually tried quite hard at the Watford Half where I got my best time since 2014, the Harrow Hill 10k and a couple of good parkrun times thanks to Mob Matches and Harriers cheering me along. But this time after Covid I felt totally wiped out if I did anything.

Ben Posen kindly messaged me to say he had taken a good 6 - 8 weeks to get back to his fitness. Seemed like a long time. I was very grateful I actually for the first time in years I hadn't got an April marathon.

Having missed the Hampton Court Half whilst having Covid, I found a local one last minute some Harriers friends were doing (#WhiteCones!). It was warm and sunny and even better it felt okay. I travelled down to Barnes, where it started, with Saikat, Sarah D and our President Jen Armson, getting another practise half in before her England performance later in May.

We were early and sat in the sun - it was already warm enough for shorts and shirts! Soon we were off and Jen was a dot in the distance, Saikat and his mate moved away too, annoyed by a man dressed as a dragon being in front of them! Sarah and I ran and chatted, it was a pretty route along the river. Kept a steady pace, and before long we were back in the sports field collecting our medals.

I was so glad the exhausted feeling had passed. Thankful for our running club and all the support and friendship it brings. And thankful to Jen for coming second so I could pose with a trophy as if I had won it.

(Who actually finished 2nd ...!?)

Turned out when I got back home and logged my time in my "No Strava Susan" app it was my 55th half marathon. Felt grateful for all the running and how it helps me day to day.


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