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2024 QPH Track Racing Team

As summer approaches, so does another track season. Although we haven't traditionally done much track racing, your track captains - Lisa, James and Sam - are keen to get teams along to various events and have some fun.

Track races are very similar to road, trail or XC in many ways but there are also some big differences. So here are a few things to bear-in-mind when entering a track race.

  1. You are usually required to wear shoes with a max height of 25mm (changing to 20mm from 1 November 2024). This is a World Athletics requirement and not always enforced, so worth checking with the race organiser when you enter.

  2. There is sometimes a time limit for completing the race, i.e. at some of the Watford Wednesdays the 3000m asks for no times over 11 mins.

  3. The officials can be strict, bordering rude! Not always, but good to be aware of in case they do speak to you like it’s your first PE lesson...

Other than that, it really is great fun and it’d be good to get a group to some events this summer!

Upcoming Events

Here are a few to start with, but more will be added to the group as and when they're announced:



These happen every summer and have races from grassroots and juniors, all the way to elite. As the name suggests, they happen on Wednesday evenings at the Watford Harriers stadium and the events vary from 100 to 3000m, as well as field events. Here’s a video to give you an idea of what the atmosphere is like. Find out more and enter

6th MAY 2024


In conjunction with the family of Sir Roger Bannister and the Oxford University Athletic Club, the BMC is delighted to offer an exciting opportunity to celebrate the 70th anniversary of this historic achievement. Hosted at the iconic Iffley Road Track, on May 6th, 2024, a series of mile races will be held. The men’s A race will go off at the exact same time as the famous race 70 years before. Find out more and enter

11&12th MAY 2024


A real chance for a medal as these are our local champs and not as well attended as they could be. The longest distance is the 5,000m but there are distances from 100m up on the Saturday and Sunday. Find out more and enter

To get involved or find out more, join the WhatsApp group through the QPH communities tab or on the link in the newsletter.


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