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Harrow Hill 10K, Harrow

By chip time

6th. Sam Sutherland (38:02)

23rd. Jennifer Armson (40:51)

48th. Sophie Barnard (45:12)

60th. Michelle Ford (47:12)

79th. Emma Jones (49:41) pictured left

99th. James Walerych (52:11)

111th. Sean Lightbown (52:58)

119th. Susan Kennedy (54:29) pictured right

135th. Nadav Lavi (57:05)

161st. Ian Cooke (01:00:36)

198th. John Walerych (01:06:49)

214th. Sofia Ali (01:10:11)

218th. Sarah Cooke (01:11:35)

Full results available here.

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