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Middlesex Cross Country Championships, Horseden Hill

U-11 Boys (1,500m approx)

16th. Henry Englishby (07:50)

27th. Arthur Salkeld (08:07)

37 finishers

U-11 Girls (1,500m approx)

4th. Nico Lind (07:39)

25 finishers

U-13 Girls (3,000m approx)

11th. Jessica Ions (13:00)

35th. Isabella Swettenham (14:27)

39th. Eadi Solanki-Jackson (14:43)

40th. May Laurie Scarfe (14:53)

47th. Amelia Swettenham (16:38)

48 finishers

Senior Women (8,000m approx)

12th. Jennifer Armson (32:35)

24th. Michele Maddick (34:22)

47th. Fiona Eagle (37:10)

56th. Michele Ford (38:15)

64th. Natalie Hall (39:45)

67th. Laura Fairbanks (39:52)

75th. Amelia Carman (40:42)

79th. Emma Jones (41:02)

96th. Jana Wolfova (43:29)

107 finishers

Senior Men (12,000m approx)

48th. Matthew Kitching (44:12)

74th. Sam Sutherland (46:57)

87th. Tom Mann (48:26)

107th. Martin Hanicinec (49:58)

110th. William Harrison (50:15)

112th. Matthew Duckett (50:25)

154th. Sean Lightbown (56:51)

163rd. Bertie Miller (59:16)

166th. Tim Lewin (59:54)

168th. Patrick Brennan (01:00:51)

171st. Charles Tatham (01:02:25)

174th. William O'Connor (01:16:28)

175 finishers

Full individual and team results from the day can be found here.

Read our run report from this event.

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