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Free running physio workshop—21 January

Running can be attritional and injuries are commonplace. As we recently heard from elite athlete Dani Nimmock at our special track session, success in running is reliant on consistency and staying healthy.

With this in mind QPH is excited to invite members to a free workshop delivered by leading sports physios, Pure Sports Medicine.

From runners knee to rehab following a car accident, Pure Sports Medicine has helped fix a number of Hoops, and their client list includes Olympians and professional athletes. They really are experts in their field and this is a great chance to pick their brains—free of charge!

The workshop will be held at Queen's Park Community School at 7pm, on Monday 21 January. The session will last approximately 90 minutes, and will cover the following provisional agenda:

• Bone health: Sam Wilde, deputy clinical director and physiotherapist

• Common running injury issues: Alex Quinn, physiotherapist

• Strength and conditioning for runners: Andy Page, strength and conditioning coach

Plenty of time for Q&A and informal chat if anyone wants to discuss their own injury woes!

The session will include some practical demos to get everyone moving, so come prepared!

The school has kindly offered to host this session, and we'd like to thank them for their generosity. We would therefore welcome voluntary contributions (£1-2 is plenty) on the night to show our appreciation.

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