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The Hoops need your help for the Green Belt Relay!

We're looking for someone to take over the reins of managing the Hoops in the Green Belt Relay, a fantastic two-day event which is becoming a regular fixture on our calendar.

QPH first took part in 2017 under Alban’s leadership. He then led a committee to organise it for 2018, and is still leading us through 2019. However, quite reasonably, he believes it’s time to step back and let someone else take the reins.

This means we’re now looking for someone new to take over.

The team are looking for someone to shadow Alban throughout the process for 2019, and to take over responsibility for organising it going forward. Really we’d like someone who’s either taken part before or who is taking part this year so you can see how the whole weekend runs, but this isn’t compulsory.

It’s quite the logistical challenge organising 22 runners for two days which is why we’re looking for someone now–so you can see how the process works from the inside before doing it yourself. You’ll also have the benefit of having the template of what we’ve done in previous years, a good idea of how the logistics might work and I’m sure you’ll also see some areas that can be improved.

You don’t need to take this on alone; we’re not a small club, and in previous years we’ve had a team of 4–5 people organising different aspects of it.

Taking on Alban's role will involve liaising with him on a regular basis and attending two to three meetings in between now and the event, including one in Kingston upon Thames (usually a Wednesday evening at 7pm)

If this sounds like a challenge you’d be up for, please email myself and Alban on

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