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Special track training session with GB and EA coach Nick Anderson and elite athlete Dani Nimmock

GB and EA coach Nick Anderson

Folks, we're in for a treat.

Not only is Nick Anderson, GB and England Athletics coach, running a track training session for us on Monday 10 December, he's also bringing elite athlete Dani Nimmock with him. Here's what we're in for:

• 6:40pm - turn up early for an informal chat with Nick and Dani

• 7-8:30pm - Nick works his magic as our guest coach for a track training session

• 8:30 - 9:15pm - Q&A with Dani in the sports centre cafe, with refreshments.

Dani has represented England three times so far this year, including at the Frankfurt Marathon and Cardiff's Commonwealth Half Marathon, all while also holding down a day job!

Non-funded England Athlete Dani Nimmock

This is all because we've been specially selected as the 100th club that England Athletics is visiting as part of their club reach-out programme.

Remember, although it's track, this special session is a Monday, not a Tuesday!

Missed Nick's first visit? Listen to the seminar he gave us on training, running strategies, nutrition

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