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Run in the 2019 London Marathon for QPH!

Want to run the 2019 London Marathon?

The club will sort out a place for one lucky member. Could that be you?

Have you been a fully paid member for at least a year?

Have you volunteered for the club in some way, such as helped out at an event, or been on the committee?

Did you not run the London Marathon last year?

Is your name anything other than Richard Ettenfield? (He won the place this year, so isn't allowed to win it again for 2019.)

If you answered yes to all four questions and want to try your luck, get in touch with Bill (, 020 8445 3031) before Tuesday 4 December.

You don't need to have applied for, and to have been rejected from, the London Marathon ballot. The winner of the place will need to pay the entry fee of £35.

Best of luck!

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