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Race in the Green Belt Relay!

The Hoops' Green Belt Relay team from 2017.

We’re pleased to announce that once again we’re entering two teams into the Green Belt Relay! Next year’s race will take place on 18-19 May 2019.

To register interest, please email with the subject line “I’m interested” before 15 December 2018. For those that aren’t in the know, the Green Belt Relay is a 22-stage relay race around 220 miles of the Green Belt circling London. Runners take part in teams of 11, each runner taking part in one stage on each of the two days and averaging 10 miles each per day. Each year 50 teams enter from clubs both in London and the surrounding areas, meaning over 550 runners take part over the course of the weekend.

All these runners make for an amazing community feel, as only one or two from each team are running at a time, the rest get together to cheer on runners as they take on the course! You’ll be transported by luxury minibus to the start or end of each stage, and on Saturday night we’ll all go for a pub dinner and stay in a hotel somewhere near Chelmsford. After the final stage, ending at the Hawker Centre in Kingston, there’s a prize giving and barbeque for all participants and supporters.

Some stages are longer/shorter/hillier/flatter than others so there are options to cater for all levels and abilities–the emphasis of the weekend is very much on fun and getting involved, not just competing.

Now, the nitty gritty–entry through us will cost £40, £25 of which is the race entry fee, and £15 towards associated costs (minibus hire etc). There will also be the cost of the hotel, which will be confirmed at a later date but last year came to £32.50 each, and the pub dinner (TBC).

NB: For logistical reasons, we will all be staying in the same hotel.

You will also need to be available for the whole weekend – pickup will be from Willesden Sports Centre at 0630 on the Saturday, and you’ll be dropped back there between 8 and 9pm on Sunday night.

To register interest, please email with the subject line “I’m interested” before 15 December 2018. Teams will be allocated based on the number of applicants, and preference will be given to those who haven’t done this event before.

For more information about the race itself, including the stages and overall route, have a look at

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