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Dulwich Park: Summer League #3

A warm and bright summer morning greeted us as we arrive at Dulwich Park. Although it’s the furthest Summer League venue for us to travel to, it’s definitely one of the best - a serene park, lovely course and their famous spread for refreshment - and we had a great turnout of 44 seniors (including 1 guest) and 6 tenderfoot runners taking part. Plus 6 mini-Hoops in the fun run.

For the senior race, it was five miles which was made up from one small lap, one large lap and one medium lap - just to keep us alert, although that didn’t work for everyone as Ed will attest to (don’t worry, he got his place back after a slight diversion!).

It was nothing short of a storming run from Nathan Barnard who flew around the five miles in 27:29, beating two Serpies by 3 and 7 secs respectively, and coming first overall, let alone in his under 20’s category. He continues to go from strength to strength, and this was his first Summer League win. Here’s to plenty more! Next Hoop over the line was Nathan Pask in a rapid 28:26, with Edwin Mooney and Neil Hutchison just a minute behind.

First female Hoop was Jen Armison in 32:00, and second lady overall. It won’t be long ‘til she claims that top spot! Next, of the fairer Hoops, was Fiona Eagle in 35:18 (and second in her age group), with Agnes Nagy in 35:51, and 4th Senior Female.

There was a great scattering of red and white throughout the rest of the field and with the finish line being just past where our bags were left, it meant that the later you finished, the more of a cheer you’d get from teammates walking back towards the water...and cake.

And there was CAKE. Lots of it.

The bar was raised again this year, including some excellent gingerbread runner biscuit creations - each wearing the colours of the nine running clubs present - just awesome!

Next up was the tenderfoot, although it seems to be getting less and less tender with the competitivity rivalling that of the senior race. And today was a Barnard day, as Noah left nothing to chance and ran away from the field early on to secure a comfortable win. Next over the line was Henry Englishby, followed by his brother Luke Englishby. First Hoops girl - and first in her age category - was Evie Green, followed by Ailsa Abernethy- Byrne (second in her age cat), with Gracie Green (3rd in her age cat) rounding off a great performance.

Finally, it was the relays and a big thanks to Sophie Barnard for organising teams.

The results were:

Men’s: 1st

Women’s: 1st

Mixed 1: 2nd

Mixed 2: 1st

Overall results from race day 3 are:

Senior race: 1st (by 8 points!)

Tenderfoot: 2nd

Overall: 1st

Current league positions:

1st: Queen’s Park Harriers

2nd: Ealing Eagles

3rd: Metros

4th: Mornington Chasers

5th: Serpentine

6th: ESM

7th: Dulwich park Runners

8th: Sudbury Court

9th: Hayes and Harlington

A massive thanks to everyone who came and didn’t run. We couldn’t do it without you and your help is much appreciated! Jean, Jen, Greg, Mrs. Pask - to name a few!

See you all at Regent’s Park for the first 10km of the summer!

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