Running in a winter wonderland!

The snow today may have thinned out the mob run this morning... but it didn't stop us from getting out eventually (and some even before)! A little flurry won't stand in the way of our Hoopsters from getting our run fix!

Here's the low-down of everyone's snow filled adventures...

Gildas and Neil

It's not all serious racing... We've a few jokers and jumpers too! Click here to read more about the fun and frolics of the official QPH mob run this weekend...

Jojo, Natalie and Jude

This Sunday my plans meant I needed to get my run done early. I arranged to meet some early bird QPH runners Jojo and Judith at 7.30am at the QP cafe. From 6am I listened to to the rain lashing down wondering if I must be mad. Sure enough from 7am there were messages exchanged just to check we really were going to do this. Of course! We are tough QPH runners, we weren’t going to let a bit of torrential rain and freezing cold weather stop us.

We met in the dark park and off we went, feet already soaked through. The rain turned really hard and painful on our faces but optimistically we decided it was like getting a free, extreme facial.

We decided to head to Hampstead Heath and on the way there came the magic. Almost instantly everything became bright white. The snow started to fall thick and fast and we found ourselves in the midst of the most beautiful winter wonderland.

So of course we stopped for some selfies, braving taking our gloves off to capture the exciting moment.

We returned back to Queen’s Park feeling very pleased with ourselves even though we were completely frozen. My hands were in so much pain I couldn’t move them and had to call on my neighbour to retrieve my key from amongst my layers and let me into my flat! A bit embarrassing but worth it for our beautiful and exhilarating Sunday snow run.

Matt Peffers

I woke at 5:30am to the sound of rain driving against the bedroom window and cowered under the warm duvet as the memories flooded back of my early days of running. The 'forced' Parkruns in the wind and rain that first Winter. This was going to be unpleasant. But necessary.

I had to run for two reasons: one - with post shin-splint enthusiasm, I'd paid my own good money to take part in the Royal Parks Winter Series; two - the medals from the three races were designed to fit together in a circle. It would forever taunt me if my circle remained incomplete, for the sake of an early start and some rain.

At 7am I crawled gingerly out of bed and to the kitchen. Not rain. Sleet.

Whilst on the 432 bus to Brixton, sleet became snow. Somewhere underground between Brixton and Regents Park, it started to settle. This was going to be interesting.

As the m