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The four park challenge

It was a slightly shorter run this week... but by no means an easy one! A total of 14.5km across four local parks

We naturally broke into three pace groups with Matt and Sam leading the way from Queen's Park through to King Edwards Park (to say hi to our QPH home - Willesden Sports Centre) and on to Roundwood Park where we ran two outer loops of the park.

Running back past the track and on to Gladstone Park, we completed one lap of the parkrun route and bumped into parkrun stalwarts Dick and Buggsie, before heading back to Queen's Park for a well deserved cup of tea and a brownie!

It's never easy, but it's a lot more fun running with all these friendly faces! Come along next week at 9.25am, outside Queen's Park Café to get a few more miles into your week and have a catch up. Check the Facebook Hoopsters group for updates about the route.

See you Sunday!

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