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Sunday Mob Run

Another brilliant turnout on Sunday for the Queen’s Park Mob Run, the weekly Sunday club run that allows all members to add miles to their training in a friendly and sociable environment.

After the hilly cross country race on Saturday, 15 Harriers enjoyed a flat sunny run along the canal for a lap of Regent’s Park and back. Although we normally split into two or three pace groups, this week nearly everyone stayed together at what was a comfortable chatting pace for the slower members of the group. In any case, we always ensure that the slowest runners never end up running by themselves: the emphasis of the Mob Run is very much to ensure that everyone has a lovely Sunday morning and wants to come back the following week. Seeing the numbers of newer club members that have been turning up in the past few Sundays, it seems to be working!

We meet every Sunday outside the café in the middle of Queen’s Park at 9:25, aiming to leave at 9:30. Make sure you dress for the weather, and bring a phone, some money and an oyster card just in case. If anyone has any specific requests for routes or distances, or wants to lead a pace group (whether fast or slow), please let Gildas know. See you all next Sunday morning!

(Photo credit - Jen Humphreys)

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