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London Marathon 2016

In a day which nearly saw the world marathon record beaten (and did see the course record trumped), ten Harriers took to the legendary London race and smashed records of their own. Johnny Suttle led the hoops home, and earned himself an entry into a special championship (if he's up for it!) next year. And Bill O'Connor continued his streak of racing in every single London Marathon. Congratulations to all runners! A few choice snaps from the day are up in the photo gallery. Johnny Suttle 2:43:54 PB Championship Nathan Pask 2:53:42 PB GFA Sam Sutherland 2:57:41 PB GFA Gildas Braine 2:59:51 PB GFA Neil Hutchison 3:04:47 PB GFA Alan Lawrenson 3:18:31 Eleanor Buck 3:50:22 Emma Jones 4:31:17 PB Susan Kennedy 4:56:56 14th marathon! Bill O'Connor 5:18:35. Ever present

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