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Harriers run Brighton

A group of courageous Harriers all took part in the Brighton Marathon this weekend, allowing them to feel smug while another group (of almost as brave) Harriers run the London Marathon next weekend in the knowledge they’ve done all the hard work. The day brought with it everything needed for running a good marathon – buckets of sunshine, a nice sea breeze and enthusiastic crowds. The most enthusiastic of course were the fellow Harriers, friends and loved ones of our runners who have no doubt been putting up with plenty of post-long-run moaning for the last few weeks and months. The runners were led out in true Brighton style by a special cavalcade, including mod scooters and some fantastically colourful minis. The elites followed just behind, with both the men’s and women’s races won by two Kenyans. The men’s race won by Duncan Mayio in 02:09:56 and Grace Momanyis won the women’s race in 02:34:16. But on to the performances of our very own Harriers. Eight took part in the race and all ran times to be extremely proud of: Nicholas Stallman: 3:18:57 Danny Levy: 4:00:59 Joao Diego: 4:12:29 (provisional) Laura Fairbanks: 4:17:00 Mark Conyers: 4:21:02 Nicola Englishby: 4:21:55 Danielle Howe: 4:21:55 James Walerych: 4:44:42 Congratulations to all finishers. There will be some very sore legs this week, but hopefully all will be back up and running before too long. This weekend we’ll be cheering vociferously for all those who are competing in the London Marathon, including, of course, Bill O’Connor who will be running his 36th consecutive London Marathon.

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