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Summer League... Makes you feel fine...

"They are deadly serious if you happen to see Sophie or Gildas..."

Summer league races are getting closer and much as I am a very keen cross country fan (though sadly rather absent the last two years for health reasons and then injury) there are many reasons to look forward to the Summer League. These are my Top Ten: 1. Mud – very little, if any at all. Almost all on paths, pavements and park tracks. 2. Hills – again, very few, hardly an undulation – mostly flat (apart from that “incline” at Dulwich). 3. Long days away from the family – No! Early Sunday morning and home in time for lunch. 4. Points – the points are good, like cross country – it helps the older you are – more points. 5. Everyone gets points for finishing so you dont need to worry about position and how fast you are. 6. Age category medals – if you turn up for all the races you are more likely to get a medal – by complete fluke I did in 2014 – I did every race. Bronze medal was mine! Surprised us all. 7. Sandwiches, cake, rolls, cakes, cakes and more cakes..... what not to like? You pay your £2 and once you have done your 5 miles or 10km (with no mud or hills) you can eat yourself to the point of bursting. 8. Relays – just when you have eaten yourself to the point of bursting – there are the relays – a great fun end to the event – womens and mens teams and a mixed team or two if you are lucky – the icing on the cake – so bear it in mind when selecting your number of cakes. Luckily these relays are for fun and not taken to seriously. Oh no.. they are deadly serious if you happen to see Sophie or Gildas. 9. Visit new places and parks of London – eat cake. 10. The chance to get your shorts and hoops on and run like the wind for the glory of the Queens Park Harriers! See you all at a Summer League run soon – see the dates below of this years races. JUNE Sun 12 Harrow JULY Sun 10 Dulwich Sun 24 Regent's Park AUGUST Sun 14 Gunnersbury Park (new!)

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