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100km Winner - Georgina Thorborn

A huge congrats to Georgie for recently winning the Peak District 100k!

She was 21st overall & 1st lady! Here's a report from the winner herself:

"The course was hilly with 2000m elevation mixed trail route with about 10% road. There was a 12km flat section which use to be an old railway line apparently! That bit was the worst section of all where I managed to take out about 4 men 😂

An endless long path is psychologically more painful than a hill with an end.

Admittedly I missed the fast runners wave, as most of you know, I’m not a morning person. So I was late. Therefore, I was blissfully unaware of who I was up against. From 73km onwards it was me & 6-10 men who were battling with each other. That’s when the fun begins.

Only one guy past me the whole way. I bumped into him at 2 rest/check-in stops, but knew if I wanted to finish alive I couldn’t pace with him. I congratulated him & now we’re Insta buddies (of course). Of 6 guys each of them admitted to me they knew I’d beat them as I refused to walk (except up hills) & my joyful demeanour finally made them admit defeat &

fade away. At 98km I passed a guy who didn’t try to take it back, he was done & I think only to glad to be near the end. Stupidly I stopped to take a selfie with the 99km sign, at which he almost caught up. Thankfully I still had energy to stop him!

This type of race is fun, as you can make/loose time at check-ins, taking the wrong turn or get a blister or have a fall. Running through an open field in the storm with lightening over head was probably the scariest moment.

I learnt a lot from this run. Doing a 70km training run would have helped a lot for the psychological aspect. Weirdly after 70km it gets easier as then you know you’re ‘only’ 18 miles from home. Which for us was a tent 😩 Another lesson.. don’t camp before or after an ultra! No matter how fun you think it MIGHT be. It won’t be.

The Ultra Challenge series do 11 different events. It’s really well organised and the food is really the only reason I do it. Oh and the stunning views! I highly recommend these events as you can also choose to do 25 & 50km and can walk. Bucket list is to do all 11!


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